Worldwide CF Day

Each year CF Europei organizes a European CF Awareness Week in the week of 21 November, aiming at raising awareness about the needs of people with CF and their families in Europe and lobbying for access to quality care around Europe. This year we invite all countries to organize awareness activities in their countries.  Next year we will host a major EU and European campaign.

For the first time, CF Worldwide will organize a Global awareness event
With the support of the Cystic Fibrosisi Worldwide network of member countries and global contacts, CFW will host the first Worldwide Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Day on  8 September 2013.

CFWW developed promotional materials and invite people to host events in their countries, raise funds to support their local CF organization, and spread awareness. You can learn more by visiting  www.worldwidecfday.org.

For more information about European CF Week 2012, which will take place between November 17 and 25, please visit cf-europe.eu


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