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The importance of positive thinking

Sebastião Hibon de Campos is a 21 years-old born in Lisbon diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of one year and a half.Read more

Working together towards the best treatment...

Recently the WikiCF team had the privilege of speaking with physician Lieven Dupont, who works as a lung specialist at the Catholic University Hospital in Louvain (Belgium).Read more

Alicja Rostocka, mother and active member of Polish CF Association

Alicja is the proud mum of Berenika, who was diagnosed with CF when she was 15 months old. They both were born and live in Poland. Read more

Enthusiasm – the key to success

Dr. Dorota Sands has been treating people with cystic fibrosis (CF) for more than 20 years in her native country of Poland. As a pediatrician whose specialization is pulmonology, she has been working in her field for some time at the Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw. There, she has conducted research projects, sees patients and — one of the activities most important to her — leads a group of people with CF. Read more

Because it is not possible to learn to read and write in 14 days

Jean Chevaillier has spent his entire career working at the Zeepreventorium in De Haan (Belgium), an unique institution which provides guidance for children and adults with lung diseases such as CF. We had the privilege to speak to him about the Autogenic Drainage method he developed, which is widely used with CF patients. Read more

"Presently incurable does not mean that it cannot be treated” Interview with Tamara del Corral, Physiotherapist and 2011 ECFS Young Investigators Award

Tamara del Corral is a young physiotherapist who always knew she wanted to specialize in Chest Physiotherapy and help patients with chronic respiratory illness. For this reason, after graduating from university, she pursued a Master´s Degree, which took her to Argentina, where she studied to become a Respiratory Care Specialist. Read more

Breath test for Potential Respiratory Infections

Doctors at UMC St Radboud and physicists of the Radboud University (Nijmegen, Netherlands) are jointly developing a breath test for children and adults with CF. The test is intended to detect certain respiratory tract infections. We spoke with Paediatric Pulmonologist Peter Merkus who is at the forefront of this ground-breaking research. Read more

Living life with CF - there is no time to lose!

A closer look behind the scenes of two films that focus on the struggles, hopes and dreams of people living every day with CF.

Two films highlighting the daily struggle of living with cystic fibrosis have hit the big screens in the past few years, and while both movies tackle the subject of the disease, the similarities end there. Read more

Casimir, muco patient’s success in running the Antwerp 10 Miles

Casimir is 11 years old living in Belgium who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosisi as a child. He is not only having good results at school but keeping himself busy with doing lots of different sports as well... Read more

Interview with Dr. Anil Mehta, CF Specialist and Researcher in the UK

Dr. Mehta seems to have been destined to become a doctor by design and CF specialist by chance. His first step in this direction came early; at just six years old. Young Anil broke his arm playing cricket, and was taken to the doctor, who prepared a large (to a six year old) needle to inject into his backside... Read more

Interview Reto Weibel, February 2012

Reto, 42 years old, was diagnosed when he was just 8 weeks old. He believes that he was very luck to have been diagnosed so early, and says that it is thanks to the fact that his paediatrician had done his dissertation on cystic fibrosis, and was quick to recognize the symptoms and recommend a sweat test... Read more


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