Managing Work Life and CF

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Work Life and Cystic Fibrosis

In France, it is estimated that about 6,500 people live with cystic fibrosis (CF).

As we all know, living with cystic fibrosis can be a challenge – and working while managing the condition can be challenging as well. The good news is that, given the various treatment options available, those living with CF are leading fuller and more active lives. This means that many of you are in the work force and leading productive, professional occupations. This presents some issues and options.

We at our adult CF centre (at Cochin University Hospital, Paris) conducted a study of CF patients, and found that a significant portion were active in the labor force. Others were students, and some were inactive (possibly linked to the severity of their condition).

Interestingly, we found that CF patients had higher educational levels, were more likely to hold skilled jobs, and were more likely to work part time than the general population. We were heartened to see that patients had better educational levels and were holding more skilled jobs compared to the general population. One could presume that the relatively higher level of part time jobs is connected to needing to spend time managing the condition.

Given the relatively higher levels of education, those with CF have access to better jobs than the general population. As such, career counseling can be a valuable tool to explore appropriate employment opportunities. Part-time work may be an appropriate avenue as well to lessen the physical and mental requirements of a full time position.

Please, feel free to check out the full study that we conducted on this subject, which can be accessed by clicking here. Although it is a scientific paper, the abstract and introduction are understandable, and you’re welcome to consult the full study method and results as well.

We wish everyone good fortune with their professional and personal endeavors.

Dominique Hubert

Dr. Dominique HUBERT

Paris Adult CF Centre, Cochin Hospital


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