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Traveling with cystic fibrosis: Recommendations for patients and care team members

There are no European Guidelines on issues specifically related to travel for people with cystic fibrosis (CF). The contributors to these recommendations included 30 members of the ECORNi-CF project. The document is endorsed by the European Cystic Fibrosisi Society and sponsored by the Executive Agency of Health and Consumers of the European Union and the Christiane Herzog Foundation.
The main goal of the paper is to provide patient-oriented advice that complements medical aspects by offering practical suggestions for all aspects involved in planning and taking a trip. The report consists of three main sections, preparation for travel, important considerations during travel and at the destination, and issues specific to immunocompromised travellers. People with CF should be encouraged to consult with their CF centre prior to travel to another country. The CF centre can advise on the necessary preparation for travel, the need for vaccinations, essential medications that should be brought on the trip and also provide information relating to CF care in the region and plan of action in case of an emergency.

Read the full guidelines report by clicking here

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