Life with CF & finding support

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My daily life with CF

I do not lead a “normal” life like someone who is totally healthy but I am trying to do it as far as possible within my limitations.

Mornings start with physiotherapy, inhalers, nebulizer, medication for transplant and all other drugs for the treatment of CF, like almost all those who have this disease.

When I was working, I needed about an extra hour to complete the treatment before leaving for work. In addition to the daily treatments, I also had to manage numerous consultations and medical tests.

Currently, I have to go to the CF unit (of course) but also to the liver transplant unit, to the endocrinologist, the rheumatologist and to a secondary pulmonologist due to my temporary stay in emergency and because the nearest hospital with a CF unit is nearly 200 km from where I live.

But luckily, I have learned to combine all of these things and I am mentally prepared to think that this is just a routine that I have to repeat every day while hardly thinking about the disease itself. Nothing is perfect, it is normal to feel discouraged in the worst moments, but after these obstacles, the most important thing is to turn the page quickly and regain confidence after each setback.

Outside of the essentials for CF, I love sports, and I try to go to the gym almost every day whenever I can to stay fit. When I was younger I was capable of pushing my physical limits, but since the appearance of bronchiectasis in my lungs, I cannot push myself as hard as I would like to or it might cause bleeding.

During the winter, whenever I am in perfect condition, I combine activity in the gym with some paddle practice. In the summer, I prefer swimming, and every year I have trouble in the beginning but once I pick up the pace, I get good results.

The rest of my daily routine includes walking my little dog, and spending much of my time working on one of my biggest hobbies; building paper models and making my own 3D infographic designs.

Two years ago I started working hard to spread awareness on CF, I created a blog and a YouTube channel. I also started writing a book, which is still in preparation... I hope I will get finished it someday.

The rest of my spare time is usually spent in the company of my friends; we meet to watch football together very often, another sport that I like very much.

I also step a lot of time with them drinking coffee, always in our favorite bar, and playing video games.

This is my life, it is not perfect but it is the only one I have and I fight hard every day against fate to change it.

You can follow Lucas on Twitteron Youtubeon Facebook and, of course, on his blog!

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