Managing Work Life and CF

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Live Now! - CF and business

Most adults with CF find it very difficult to find a healthy work life balance. As a college student, I was confronted with the decline of my health. A lot of times I was too sick to go to school. During times of sickness I had to spend up to eight hours a day of therapy.

Steven de WilderAerosol (nebulizer) treatments, drainage, exercise, most of the times I would be too tired to do practically anything  during the rest of the day.

A few years ago I nearly died due to a severe pulmonary bleeding. I underwent a bronchial artery embolization to stop the bleeding. It took me years to recover both mentally and physically. There were times when I was too afraid to leave the house in case something would happen again…

During these times I spent all of my time self-tutoring myself via the internet. I read hundreds of books, watched seminars online and I started experimenting with online business models.

Luckily for me, my health changed for the better. Nowadays I spent approximately five hours a day on my therapy and I’m an active cyclist. I cycle up to ten hours a week to maintain my fitness.

Recently I co-founded my company “Capargus” with my business associate and childhood friend Geert Deckers.

Capargus is an interactive online training center that offers the chance to maximize people’s talents.

Via video courses brought by industry experts, everyone, from students to CEOs, is able to explore various topics 24/7 from the comfort of their own home.

Our breakthrough technology offers multiple unique assets like duo-screen, for watching presentations and videos at the same time, taking your own indexed notes, interacting with the expert, questionnaires, certificates, full analytics and much more.

We also offer licenses of our software to companies and foundations to either discovering the needs of their employees or using our software to provide knowledge to people who otherwise have no access to it, for example children in hospitals or people in underdeveloped countries.

We strongly believe Capargus can help bridging the gap in difficult economic times.

As a business owner suffering from cystic fibrosis it’s no easy task combining it all. First of all, I never considered myself a “CF patient”. The harder you try to fight something, the harder it gets. When you allow CF as a part of you, it’s much easier to accept it.

Don’t compare yourself too much to other people. Everyone is different and that’s ok. When times get difficult, see it as an opportunity to enjoy the good times even more. It’s the difficult times that will strengthen you as a person. That’s what separates winners from losers.

Secondly, having CF motivated me even more to use the precious time I have to achieve my goals.

I only focus on things that bring me closer to my goals, whether it’s on a professional level or a physical achievement like training for Climbing for Life. I give seminars on time management, stress management and achieving goals.

Do what you love and do it often

I delegate as much work as I can, so I can focus on the things I love. Most people spent most of their time doing things that barely contribute anything to their life, just to fill time or out of boredom. Stop that immediately. Don’t be afraid to write down your dreams and chase them. Live now!

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