Val Weblin tells why he cherishes his life

As someone who has battled cystic fibrosis all his life, Val Weblin is entitled to feel like he has been dealt a cruel hand. Far from it. The 35-year-old from Drimoleague actually counts his blessings. Thirteen years ago, he had a…

"My transplanted organ is still working like Swiss clockwork". Transplant experience

19 years have passed since the transplant. My experience with transplantation has been pretty good over the years; thankfully the only difficult step was during the first year. The difficulty was caused by my poor health at the time of…

Transplantation in CF - the basics

Transplantation in CF "Transplantion in CF" usually refers to lung transplantation, but liver transplantation is possible too. Initially the heart and lungs were transplanted but now double lung transplant is the standard procedure. Liver transplantation may be performed to alleviate liver disease…

Considering lung transplantation

Considering a lung transplantation is a personal and difficult decision, and requires a huge commitment. That is why getting all the information there is to know about this treatment option is essential. This information and some testimonials may help you to…

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