Osteoporosis and bone disease

Malabsorption in CF can cause poor uptake of vitamin D.  Vitamin D is involved in calcium and phosphate regulation. Shortage can lead to osteoporosis in which weakened bones are more susceptible to fractures.   Development of osteoporosis can be prevented by…

Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes (CFRD)

Diabetes is one of the principal non-pulmonary complications of CF. It mixes features of the common type 1 and type 2 diabetes and is recognized as a distinct entity: Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes (CFRD). The pancreas contains the islets of Langerhans,…

Recognizing the symptoms of cystic fibrosis

Recognizing the symptoms of cystic fibrosis is important because this life threatening disease must (and can!) be controlled and treated from an early age to ensure better health outcomes and a higher life expectancy. Underneath you find a list of typical symptoms…

Fertility problems

At least 97% of men with cystic fibrosis are infertile, but not impotent. They make normal sperm, but are missing the vas deferens, the tube connecting the testes to the ejaculatory ducts in the penis. They can have children with assisted reproductive techniques.  Many…

Gastrointestinal complications in CF

Pancreatic insufficiency: Sticky mucus blocks the pancreas ducts Sticky mucus blocks the passage from a gland, called the pancreas, to the small intestine, where most of the digestion and absorption of food occurs. One of the functions of the pancreas is…

Lungs and upper airways

Sticky mucus build-up and decreased mucociliary clearance cause may cause problems in the upper airways (nose) and lower airways (lungs). Inflammation and infection can cause injury and structural changes, leading to a variety of symptoms in the lungs and sinuses of the…

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