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Wikicfi is an open, free website for and by people living with CF, their families and friends. It is created and managed by CF Europei. All content is reviewed by professionals to ensure it is of the highest quality. Wikicf is a place to connect and network. You can exchange practical information with others, from the latest treatments to tips on living with CF. You can also read about others’ experiences or watch an inspiring video.

Wikicf is an open tool for people living with CF, their families and friends. Like any wiki site, once registered, anyone can add new content, link to other sites, or simply edit and rate existing wikicf content and share it with friends. To maintain a good level of quality, all modifications are reviewed and sometimes edited or removed by experts selected by CF Europe. Because each participant enriches the site, the creator asks everybody to register before posting. Wikicf may once a year recognize and reward those who have added their knowledge and experience to make the wikicf website better.

By joining wikicf, you will find the best information as determined by the real experts – people living with CF, their families and friends, and professionals at CF Europe. When you contribute to wikicf, you share with people like yourself, who want to talk, listen and learn more about living with the disease. Don’t miss the chance to add your distinct voice to helping others in the fight for a better life with CF.

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