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Wikicfi is created and managed by CF Europei. To maintain a good level of quality, all modifications are reviewed and sometimes edited or removed by experts selected by CF Europe. The Board is composed of different members:

  • Karleen De Rijcke
  • Birgit Dembski
  • Anna Arellanesova
  • Reto Weibel

Our Board

Karleen De Rijcke

Belgian CF Association - CEO
Cystic Fibrosisi Europe (CFE) - President

Karleen has been working for the Belgian CF Association since 1995, first as counsellor for people with CF and their families and since 1999 also as co-ordinator (CEO) of the association. Since the start of CFE, she has been member of the Board and since 2005 president of this federation of European CF patient associations. She represents CF Europe and the CF patient community in numerous medical, research and patients groups and organisations.
Karleen has a Masters in Psychology and Education, a Masters in International Development Collaboration (Belgium) and a PgD in Special Needs Education (Canada)

Contact details:
J. Borlélaan 12, 1160 Brussels, Belgium
+32/266.33.904 - +32/675.58.99
karleen@muco.be - www.muco.bewww.cfeurope.org

Anna Arellanesova

Chairwoman of the Czech Cystic Fibrosis
Association (Klub nemocnych cystickou fibrozou, www.cfklub.cz)

She came to CF when her daughter was diagnosed at age 2, in 2002. She joined the Association’s board in 2004, and became chairwoman in 2010. She has represented the Czech association abroad at CFE and CFWW events, an is active in Eurordis, a non-governmental patient-driven alliance of patient organisations and individuals active in the field of rare diseases, dedicated to improving the quality of life of all people living with rare diseases in Europe.
She graduated from Charles University in Prague in 2000 with a degree in humanities, and speaks fluent Czech, English and partially Dutch, with passive Russian and Spanish. She currently works in the field of intellectual property.

Reto Weibel

Vice-president of the Swiss CF-association
Adult with CF

Our team of experts

Mario Vaneechoutte

Mario Vaneechoutte graduated in 1982 as a biologist at the Ghent University and earned his PhD in 1990 in microbiology at the same university. He was appointed as a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Microbiology, University Ghent in 1997.

His main research is in the translational biomedical field and concerns the development of rapid molecular techniques for the detection, identification and quantification of bacterial and fungal species and the genotyping of bacterial strains. Since 1999, several collaborations with clinical services, mainly at the Ghent University Hospital have been started, basically regarding chronic infections which are difficult to treat with classic (antibiotic) treatment, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa chronic colonization of cystic fibrosis patient airways, chronic otitis media, endodontic infections, and bacterial vaginosis.

Ann Raman & Marleen Vanderkerke

CF nurses,  Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

Stephan Kruip

Second vice president on the board of the Mukoviszidose e.V., the German CF association, and member of the editorial staff of the journal the German CF association publishes four times a year, Muko.info.

Stephan Kruip is 47 years old and lives with CF. He is married to Manu, and they have three boys, one boy of 10 years and twins of 8 years. He is a physicist and works at the European Patent Office in Munich, Germany.
He will support the WIKI CF board by reviewing articles and other contributions in the field of alternative and complementary medicine.

Jacquelien Noordhoek

Jacquelien Noordhoek is working for the Dutch CF Association (NCFS) since 1998. She has three children and one of them has CF.
Jacquelien has a Master degree in Social Sciences, with a focus on child developement psychology. She also has a Master in Business Administration. In 2011 she was elected as vice President to the board of CF Europe.

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