European CF Conference 2013

The 36th European Cystic Fibrosisi Conference in Lisbon gathered over 2,000 enthusiastic researchers and health professionals.

They shared study results and experiences to improve health outcomes and find new ways to treat and stop the disease.

At the opening ceremony, the national CF associations presented a check of €125.000 to the European Clinical Trial Network, which aims to intensify clinical research in the area of cystic fibrosis and to bring new medicines to the patients as quickly as possible.

Many studies with CFTR modulators, molecules trying to restore the CFTR chlore channel, were presented at the conference, some in a preliminary phase, but quite a few are ready to be tested in larger groups of CF patients. There are opportunities to join clinical trials for CF adults with different genotypes, such as ΔF508/ΔF508, ΔF508/other, R117H/other

Due to practical reasons and quality requirements, clinical trials are often limited to specific centers and regions.  It may be important to communicate and check these details to avoid raising false hopes of people interested in participating in a study.

Two days before the scientific conference, about 60 representatives from 30 countries joined CF Europei’s annual meeting and conference.  The interactive and dynamic workshops and presentations on adult care and actions to improve the situation for people with CF inspired many people to work even more effectively in their own country.

For more information on Posters, Studies and researchs, please visit: http://www.ecfs.eu/lisbon2013

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