Cystic Fibrosis related questions on Wiki CF

If you have a specific or personal question concerning cystic fibrosis, you can post your question on the ECORNi-CF website Ecorn-cf.eu.

You can ask your question in English or in your own language (currently 10 languages available).  An expert team from the respective language zone will answer according to the latest literature or, where available, the international consensus or guidelines.  You can first check if your question hasn't been asked and answered before in your own language  in the local archive or in the central archive in English. 

The ECORN-CF website offers an English information pool of more than 1000 quality checked answers to CF related questions in the “Central Archive” which covers all kinds of topics, e.g. “travelling by plane,” “Can you have an aquarium if you have CF” or “haemoptysis.” All Q&A are translated into English and checked by an international expert team before they go in this central archive.

Ask your own question to an expert team in your language

Select a language and ask your question on Ecorn-cf.eu. When asking a question, please try to be as specific as you can. Also pay attention to the legal disclaimer stating e.g. that the expert advice platform cannot make a diagnosis or provide individual recommendations for therapy. Depending on which language platform you ask a question, a team from the respective language zone will answer.

Find an answer to your question in the archive

Go to the ECORN-CF Central Archive. You can either search the question & answer pairs, by key words or enter a search word on your own by clicking on the “search” button on the right hand side of the Central Archive (full-text search). If you enter only a part of a word like, e.g.: “pauci”, you will get a hit for “Sphingomonas paucimobilis.”

ECORN-CF stands for “European Centres of Reference Network for CF”.

The project started in May 2007 and was co-funded by the EU for three years. Since May 2010, several CF associations and patient organisations have been securing the sustainability of the services.

Select a language and ask your question on Ecorn-cf.eu.

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