3rd South Eastern European CF Conference (Istanbul, Turkey)

On October 18th and 19th CFE and CF Turkey organize the 3rd South Eastern European CF Conference in Istanbul, Turkey.  Find the program and information on how to register.

On both days there will be a medical program with national and international speakers from different backgrounds and fields of expertise. On Thursday October 18th there is also a lay-program.

On Friday October 19th CFE organizes a patients’ representative meeting. During this meeting patients, families and other stakeholders will have the possibility to take part in an interactive session on ‘living with CF’ with a physiotherapist, a nurse but also parents of adolescents with CF, an adult with CF and representatives of patient organisations. Find the program and information on how to register attached at the end of this article.

This conference aims to:

  1. Enhance knowledge about Cystic Fibrosisi: about the disease, curative and preventive treatment and organization of quality care according to European standards of care.
  2. Build networks of people who care for people with CF: between patients (associations) and health professionals, across disciplines (allied health, psychosocial, medical) and across borders.
  3. Capacity building, awareness and lobbying for better access to care: we want to ensure that a larger number of patients get access to the right diagnosis, care and medication.

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